Rosa Leigh Sullivan - Actor

...Never lose your sense of wonder... by Sillers and Sanders
May 2016
Rosa Leigh : demo reel

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Play On! - Phyllis Montague

Love, Lies & the Doctor's Dilemma - Joan Scheller

Dixie Swim Club - Vernadette Simms

Drinking Habits - Mother Superior

Odd Couple (Female Version) - Olive Madison

Bull in a China Shop - Amantha

Bedrooms - Wendy [Nickie and Wendy]

Blithe Spirit - Madame Arcati

The Mousetrap - Christopher Wren (that's right - I played a man!)

Westbrook High School Reunion - Susan Cantrell Peabody (mean girl) - Westbrook Village Players
‘Til Beth Do Us Part - Margo James - Westbrook Village Players
Rose’s Dilemma - Rose - Westbrook Village Players
One Toe in the Grave - Naomi Schuyler - Westbrook Village Players
Love Letters - Melissa Gardner - Westbrook Village Players
Let’s Murder Marsha - Lynette Thoren - Westbrook Village Players
Sex Please We’re Sixty - Hillary Hudson - Westbrook Village Players
A Bad Year for Tomatoes - Myra Marlowe - Westbrook Village Players
Alone Together Again - Grace - Westbrook Village Players
Lafferty’s Wake - Maggie - Westbrook Village Players
The Cemetery Club - Ida - Westbrook Village Players
Odd Couple - Pidgeon Sister - Georgetown, Kentucky
King Lear - Goneril - Georgetown, Kentucky
How to Succeed in Business - Chorus - Georgetown, Kentucky
Agamemnon - Clytemnestra - Georgetown, Kentucky
The Man Who Came to Dinner -  Lorraine Sheldon  -  Georgetown, Kentucky
House of Bernarda Alba  -  Angustia  -  Georgetown, Kentucky
Midsummer Night’s Dream  -  Queen Hippolyta  -  Canadian Academy
Thurber Carnival  -  Georgetown, Kentucky

No Time Like the Present  -  Director  -  Westbrook Village Players

Love Letters - Director - Westbrook Village Players
West Side Story  -  Stage Direction  -  Bloomington High School South


Zoe in short film, “Musketeers With Lifesavers”

Mrs. Carlyle in independent film, “Foster, You’re Dead”
Teacher in small independent film in Indiana, “A Boy in the Making”
CEO (speaking extra) in independent film “Snapped”
Extra in 3 scenes as wedding guest in independent film “Japan” (2 scenes with Peter Fonda)


Scrub nurse, Nursing Supervisor & Patient in Mayo Clinic video about harassment for Medical Students
Betty on the “Jack & Betty Show" in Japan – teaching English to Japanese students
Extra on Japanese TV shows
Japanese commercial for an insulated pitcher
Satisfied bank customer in locally produced commercial (Indiana)
Web video on Bankruptcy on Take Charge America website 


Cable One R-roll - person with smart phone; wife with husband looking at laptop

Peter Piper Pizza - Grandma

Arizona Clean Elections - protester - walking in background 

Fort McDowell Casino commercial - Casino customer - Great Scott Productions

Midwestern University Eye Institute as a patient
Panasonic as product user
Various ads in Japan for music company, chandelier, Japanese kimonos, winter underwear
Rape Victim - Bloomington Hospital brochure “Information on Rape Care” [did voice over for the educational video]


Tom Logan TV, Film, Commercial Audition Workshop
TV & Film Acting Workshop – Scott Lairson
B.A. in Theatre and Communication Arts – Georgetown College
Nursing degree from IVY Tech State College
M.S. in Counseling – Indiana University

Conversational Japanese, Medical Terminology (30 years in Healthcare), Standardized Patient, Facilitator & Mediator, Nurse, Counselor, Teacher, Trainer, public speaker; dramatic readings in various settings

Golf, Bowling, Crochet, Needlepoint, Movies, Theatre, Reading, Volunteering in Healthcare, Writing, Power Walking

Rosa Leigh's Selected Scenes